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On Money and Integrity

I was disturbed to read a report in The Times on Saturday headlined, “Church encourages worshippers into debt so they can donate more.”  This was followed up by an editorial comment entitled, “Jesus would be shamed by this church.”  The … Continue reading

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AGM blues? Thankfully not.

We had our church AGM tonight.  I was quite nervous before it:  I wanted it to be a meeting about vision and the future, not one in which major ciriticisms were aired (because of course I want there to be … Continue reading

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Remembering revisited

I think I was too hasty in the post on Remembrance Day.  I wrote that post before being aware of the anti-Afghan War protesters at Hyde Park and the reaction to them on Facebook in which lots of people invited them to … Continue reading

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Today is Remembrance Day.  I’m glad that, as a nation, we have managed to preserve it from mawkish sentimentality, from nationalistic jingoism and from anti-war demonstrations.  The restrained dignity of the two minute silence and the weekend Cenotaph ceremony do … Continue reading

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Cold Calling

I do it sometimes.  I actually enjoy door-knocking with advertising for church events or just the offer to talk about spiritual things.  I’ve often been surprised at how little opposition I’ve encountered.  Sure, plenty people don’t want to talk, but usually they … Continue reading

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I need grace

I’m quite nervous now.  As you can see, I have begun to blog.  You are reading it – but you may find me boring and never come back.  I may upset you (though that would be better than boring you; … Continue reading

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