I need grace

I’m quite nervous now.  As you can see, I have begun to blog.  You are reading it – but you may find me boring and never come back.  I may upset you (though that would be better than boring you; we could have a dialogue).  I may run out of things to say, or more likely the self-discipline to keep saying them.  For all those circumstances I ask my future self and any readers if you are indeed out there to remember grace.  I hope that when I am annoyed by news reports or people I will remember how much I’ve been let off the hook and offer those in question some of the grace I have received.  I hope that when I disagree with people I will do so with understanding and tolerance.  And I suppose I also hope for more grace to come my way – after all, where sin abounds, God’s grace abounds all the more.  That’s something I never want to forget.

Grace to you.

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  1. fLaMePr0oF says:

    Of late I’ve become more and more aware of a widely pervasive and sometimes quite ugly intolerance within conservative / charismatic churches and throughout society in general; intolerance towards people of other faiths, (particularly Islam), towards people of other lifestyles, (particularly homosexuality), and now even towards people of the general ‘sub-classes’, (or as the media likes to put it, the ‘work-shy’), ‘conservative’ Christianity has become more and more ‘right-wing conservative’ socially & politically and while the two might cross paths or overlap at times, they are NOT, I believe, synonymous or interchangeable in the way we often seem to think they are!

    I believe this is symptomatic of a loss of Christian perspective, (that is holding all things relative to God’s amazing grace), however, just as challenging to me right now is my own indignation and intolerance of this intolerance!

    I think the problem is serious, it’s more than just a speck, it’s a plank in the church and societies eyes, which must mean I have a veritable girder lodged in my own eye!

    Plank, girder or whatever, I want God to deal with it, I need Him to deal with it because I truly and sincerely want to see clearly so that I can reach out and gently remove the specks and obstructions which are obscuring spiritual sight, causing blindness and discomfort where there should be clarity and joy, Lord help me to always remember Your grace and meassure all things against it..!

  2. Alison says:

    Articulate and compassionate rage. I think there’s a lot of God in that. Looking forward to more from http://www.librangelical.org.uk

  3. David (not Dave) says:

    Looking forward to keeping an eye on this… I’ve just resurrected my old Blog… I’m linking the posts into Facebook which should give it more visibility. Bless you

  4. Helen P says:

    Very thought provoking. I have become more tolerant of almost everything since I have got older and met more and more people of all different shapes, sizes, faiths, sexualities, etc. etc. And remind myself of some of my less fine moments and think ‘there but for the grace of God go I’ when I catch myself rolling my eyes or tutting at someone else’s behaviour/beliefs/whatever!

    Looking forward to reading more of your words Alison! I’ve linked my blog too but it’s not very deep or meaningful the majority of the time! More a slightly stressed commentary on life as a busy mother with three lively children!

  5. Alison says:

    It’s interesting that these first 3 comments are from friends who have preceded me into the blogosphere (could there be an uglier word?) Anyway, I shall keep an eye on you all!

  6. Jo says:

    Welcome to blogging! I’m a friend of Helen’s and saw her link to your new blog on fb so thought I’d stop by. Sigh…. grace! My name means ‘the Lord is gracious’ and as I tumble though life’s muddles and joys I am slowly learning this truth day by day… I’m looking forward to sharing your journey here with you!
    Sparkling blessings

  7. Tony says:

    Like the comments from Flameproof……. were you actually christened Flameproof?

    I was in the police and at one time thought of a certain type of people who were frequent ‘customers’ and lived on a council estate as worthless ‘Toe rag scum’.
    God convicted me that they were in fact ‘precious’ of value and worth Jesus dying from them. From that point I have always seen them as valuable, precious and treat all with the knowledge that they are valued of God. Homosexuals, Muslims, JW’s, atheists, Transgendered, Estate agents, drug addicts, drunks, wife beaters, paedophiles, Pastors, criminals and even police are all loved and accepted in the Grace of God.

  8. Roy Bretton says:

    I am glad you have started a blog Alison and I am sure that it won’t be boring. Looking forwad to coming to Braintree Elim soon with David Gilbey.

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