Today is Remembrance Day.  I’m glad that, as a nation, we have managed to preserve it from mawkish sentimentality, from nationalistic jingoism and from anti-war demonstrations.  The restrained dignity of the two minute silence and the weekend Cenotaph ceremony do us credit.

Governments do not always get things right – they are made up of sinful people and rightly ought to be held to account.  But they should also be honoured and obeyed.  Most especially, those who self-sacrificingly have given their lives on behalf of others in conflict should be remembered with honour.  They remind us of the greatest sacrifice of all.

This do in remembrance of me.

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  1. Despite having been a convinced pacifist since being approximately 17, I do agree with most of what you are saying. I think that there is a time and a place to bring up such qualms about the needless loss of human life, but reading your comment you could be forgiven for thinking that you thought fighting for your country was a good thing. While you might think it inevitable, though I don’t, I doubt you think it a good thing to be doing. I think that the Church has too often be saying “hurrah boys, off you go.” as they send our best young men into hellish situations, rather than questioning the whole reasoning behind it. As a Church I think that this is an area where we need to be a bit more distinct form the world.

    So many have felt bitterly betrayed by their country, Church and ultimately God, as they encounter the suffering of war. Many fine men have come our spiritually scarred and feeling there is no way to God after what they have been through. I think that is difficult to turn around at that point and say we have a different message if we did not say so earlier.

    I have perhaps been putting words into your mouth, but you touched on an area where I do feel bitterly our failure as the Church.

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