AGM blues? Thankfully not.

We had our church AGM tonight.  I was quite nervous before it:  I wanted it to be a meeting about vision and the future, not one in which major ciriticisms were aired (because of course I want there to be no major criticisms!).  It should not be boring; it should deal with matters of importance to the kingdom of God and not be nitpicking. 

Well, I love our church.  There was a positive, supportive spirit.  People were keen to applaud achievement and look to the future.  Our elder was re-voted into position, as were the two deacons who stood for re-election, and the three new additions to the team are younger people with talent, creativity, vision and energy. 

I’m happy.  Goodnight.

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  1. That’s really great Alison. There is a well used expression, “the devil is in the detail”, and I believe that the enemy often wants to get us nitpicking over details so we get bogged down.

    Without vision, the people perish. Be thou my vision as the old hymn goes.

    See you Sunday… FIRE!

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