Ordinary Extraordinary People

One of the things I love about Church is the wonderful people it contains.  I love seeing  people overcome difficulties in life and I love seeing talent develop; both of those indicative of works of the Spirit.  Today I was hugely blessed by the wonderful presence of God, and also by marvellous people.  I single out three in particular: 

  1. A, when we came to this church some years ago, was a fairly new Christian. We watched him grow in God and rise to the challenge of joining a full-time Christian missionary organisation.  Today he was back visiting us, still rising to challenges, this time preaching his first proper Sunday sermon ever.  He could have played it safe and preached a call to missionary service, but instead he listened to the Holy Spirit challenging him to share some of his own difficult past, to encourage others in their struggles.  Then  he also had the confidence to call people out for prayer and to minister to them.  Well, I was blessed by the message and the ministry, but also massively encouraged to see how my friend has matured as a man of God. 
  2. K, who has learning difficulties, grabbed me as soon as I entered the church building tonight to tell me that he spent two whole hours in prayer this afternoon.  He loves his Bible, can’t read it himself but makes family members and carers read it to him (a good way to witness!).  He was so excited today because he prayed for so long so fervently and felt Jesus touching him.  I am convinced that our great meeting tonight, with a palpable sense of the presence of God, can be partly attributed to K’s prayers.
  3. Z is a talented graphic designer who comes up with great ideas for publicity.  I presented her with an unreasonable request this morning:  to come up with a card/flyer for us to give away on Saturday at a Valentine themed outreach.  That’s less than a week to turn round design and printing.  I arrive home from the evening service to find an amazing design in my email inbox.  Truly astounding.

None of these people consider themselves to be extraordinary.  Each of them is.  Each of them has dedicated their life and talent to an extraordinary God.  I am privileged to know them and in awe of the God who calls us all into His family.

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2 Responses to Ordinary Extraordinary People

  1. Janet Crossley says:

    How very true that the people who think they are ordinary are extraordinary. I have just spent the morning with Michelle, a young lady who is a single parent with very little time left on this earth. She has lost her hair, she is in constant pain, and the steroids have caused her to bloat to about 3 times her normal size. I have come away uplifted and cheered by her humour, her love for others and the gratitude she has for all the positive things in her life. Thank God that He blessed the world with wonderful people like these.

  2. Debbie Davis says:

    I too was touched by the 3 people mentioned above by Alison. In fact it bring tears to my eyes as I recall seeing in action how God used each of them to make a difference for others.

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