A random thought about grace

In worship last night we sang a song which went, “Your grace is enough/more than I need…” and suddenly my mind did one of those, “Woh, hang on a minute” sort of loops.  Really?  More than I need? But I need so much grace.  Every day, when I fail to acknowledge someone, when I’m critical and unloving, when I give in yet again to my usual sins.  Just the grace I have received already doesn’t seem more than enough – I’m constantly coming back to how little I deserve how much God has done.

I suppose I understand what the song means, and I certainly won’t stop singing it – it’s a fabulous one (I especially love its chorus).  The writer, I imagine, was reflecting how infinite God’s grace is, how it goes beyond anything we can imagine.  A great thought.  (S)he certainly didn’t intend us to think that we only need a little bit of grace so that there is plenty left over.  Actually, though, I think I am reflecting that I use up the whole of God’s infinite grace every day; that when the Son of God gave himself for me he gave his whole self.  All the grace.  All for me.  Yes for you, too, but all for me – none left over.

Sorry, I’m rambling.  2Corinthians 12:9, which the song quotes, concerns Paul reflecting that God’s grace is enough in the sense that there is nothing else that he requires.  Specifically, he does not need deliverance from the particular ‘thorn’ he has complained about:  grace will see him through.  Grace is not more than enough, but is exactly what we need.  Nothing else.  Now that is certainly worth praising God for.

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