Double portion

Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday, and as befits a Pentecostal church we had a glorious time of worship and ministry in the evening.  I’ve mentioned K before here, and I do so again to say that he told me before the start of the meeting that I could have a double portion:  I took that as a real word from God and indeed did experience a degree of freedom in preaching and praying  for people that was beyond the ordinary.

K is definitely hearing from God at the moment.  It was at his initiative that we opened the church building on Saturday when the town carnival was passing, served cream teas and gave away Bibles (the carnival theme was  books).  He was also in his element last night distributing tissues to people who needed them and catching people who fell down when we  prayed.  God has taught me some very significant lessons through K.

At the end of the service K served me with the ‘double portion’ he had promised me:  of leftover strawberries and cream from the Saturday cafe!  I think I may have heard an angel giggle.

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