Stepping up

Stepping up has been a bit of a theme for us in church for the last couple of weeks; it was the subject of last week’s sermon from A, our worship director, who was his own best illustration as he demonstrated a clear step up in his preaching ability, confidence and authority.   Tonight another deacon, W, preached, also displaying that she has stepped up in faith and ability.

W’s theme was ‘labels,’ especially those negative ones we give ourselves, or others give us, and which hold us back.  Happily, Jesus is in the business of relabelling people, giving us, if we let him, new names, new purposes and new futures.

I reflected on this later when another friend sent me the link to her blog.  It’s called ‘Halstead Hermit.’  There’s a link to it now on the right and if you read it you’ll see that she is someone who has accumulated labels throughout her life.  You’ll also find an excellent writer.  She may be shy and retiring (hence the blog title) but on screen she is raw, honest and moving.  In real life she is also funny and intelligent.   I am privileged to know her and to have been able to see God at work in her life over the last couple of years.

What I love most about pastoral ministry is watching God move in people.  In the cases of A, W and HH, I see people who, in their different ways, are allowing God to change them from glory into glory.  I’m grateful to them and to God for letting me into that process; I talk, pray and reflect with them all, but really I just watch from the sidelines as God does what he does best.

I wonder what the future holds?


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