I’ve often wondered when I’ve driven past this building why it has such a grand name.  Really, Furthermore Hall ought to be a Victorian pile, the setting for a Dickens story or some such, with ivy growing up the walls, secret passages and other mysteries.  Not a shed in the middle of a field.

Which leads me to wonder if I always live up to the names and titles I have:  Child of God, for example.  When people see me, do they get disappointed that the reality doesn’t live up to the name?  I guess a lot of people do find exactly that with Christians – leading to complaints that the Church is full of hypocrites.  Of course it’s worth investigating further:  maybe Furthermore Hall is really a magical place when you get inside it (well, we can dream!) and maybe that Christian you are disappointed in is going through struggles you can’t imagine and doing amazingly well to survive.  Perhaps the word over their life is:  however…; notwithstanding…; in spite of everything…

And now I think of it, there’s quite a parable here after all.  For all of us who are ordinary believers, Jesus speaks, “Furthermore” over us:  we are not what we will be.  There are promises yet to be  fulfilled, more words to be spoken, more victories to win.  At the end there are new names to be had (read Revelation 2:17 and 3:12 in the Bible) but till then the adventure continues.


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