Water into wine

Not too long ago I was a bit discouraged – with life, church and things in general. It happens to pastors, probably more than most of us like to admit. Anyway, a few things were getting me down and most of all I was feeling inadequate for the calling God has given me.

God has a way of meeting us when we least expect it, and in this case it was when I went to a meeting in a nearby church to hear a visiting speaker. On this occasion it wasn’t the message of the speaker that God used, but the first line of the first worship song that was sung: “Water You turned into Wine.”

I couldn’t sing the rest of the song as I was listening to the Lord saying in my heart: “You feel pretty unworthy right now – all you have is water to give. Water is not strong, not interesting, not intoxicating – but look what I  do with it!”

In ministry I get tired. People don’t always support and some people into whom I pour my life never seem to change. Effectively on that evening I think I was saying to God, “All I have is this water which doesn’t seem to be doing the job.” But if Jesus keeps doing what he does best then my offering of water is enough. 

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5 Responses to Water into wine

  1. Pat K says:

    Beautiful, Alison. Thank you. Simple, but profound – and utterly memorable. Keep listening, my friend. God is joining up dots much faster than we realise. Love & hugs

  2. lynne says:

    Dearest alison
    Its all in the timing !!! the seeds you planted in my life( 11 years ago this weekend ) when i firsted walked into church are now starting to germaminated the love you showed me all those years ago and struck in my mind and life you and Jesus gave me a firm foundation to my faith its been hard at times but its the only thing that have been consistant in my life so i honour you and God for this YOUR A WONDERFUL PASTOR FRIEND and WOMAN OF GOD XXXX

  3. Alison says:

    Thanks ladies!

    Pat, thanks for sharing the journey and being a massive encourager along the way always.

    Lynne, how right you are about timing. It’s so encouraging now to see you walking with Jesus consistently. Is it really 11 years? Blessings to you – it’s great to see you from time to time still x

  4. Debbie says:

    Dearest friend thank you for the way you have loved and helped me since we first met. You are a wonderful woman of God whom I respect greatly x

    • Alison says:

      Thanks too my friend. Love you lots.
      By the way, everyone, don’t be too nice to me! This post was to illustrate how God is able to encourage us just in the right way. I still think of what I do basically as water now but knowing that Jesus transforms what is done in His name makes all the difference. It’s not that I think that I’ve never done any good pastorally (I was never that down), just that it was one of those times when things were a bit tough – they come to us all.

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