The Weight of Sin

Our regional women’s day was today and, as in previous years, this was a wonderful day of ministry. One thing I appreciate about these days is that we have moved beyond the ‘pink and fluffy’ versions of women’s ministry and stopped calling women to rise up to their destiny. Not that I mind people fulfilling their destiny, of course, but it was getting a bit monotonous a few years ago. Anyway, today’s theme was the favour of God and our speaker, among other points, urged us to turn the obstacles in our life into altars; that those things in our lives which appear to be difficulties for us can be the very places where we meet God.

There were truly wonderful times of worship, during one of which God allowed me a tiny insight. I had come into the day fairly burdened by some pastoral things of the week. If you are not a pastor you might be surprised how upset we get when you fail. We are burdened by other people’s sin even if we are not directly injured by it. Reflecting on this in worship today it suddenly struck me that while I was weighed down by someone else’s sin, the Lamb of God has taken the sins of the whole world. How amazing that He could do that, and how releasing that the death and resurrection of Jesus shows God’s infinite mercy. No sin is beyond his compassion, forgiveness and mercy. So I passed the burden on to Him who, of course, already carries it.

For He bore the sin of many and made intercession for the transgressors. (Isaiah 53:12)


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