You wait months for a blog post and then two come at once

This one is less consequential.

The other day I discovered in my pantry two cartons of long-life milk which said they were best before dates in 2010. “Well,” said my husband and I, “it’s about time we used them up.” Both of us were trained in and formerly practised medicine, so we have a healthy scepticism about sell-by, use-by and best-before dates. If it’s not walking out by itself, it’s probably ok to eat.

Anyway, I can today report that 3-year-out-of-date long life milk did indeed reach the end of its long life some time ago. It wasn’t off, just separated and looking horrible. I suppose I could have done my Miss Muffet act and eaten the curds and whey, but even my tolerance has its limits.

By the way, for my church people who read this and wonder if this is the same person who goes round regularly chucking things out of our church kitchen, that is different!


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