Blessed Assurance

As I wrote a few weeks ago, ” … there is nothing like joining with your family to sing with one voice to glorify God.”  Today has been a good illustration of that.

For the last three Sundays William and I have visited other churches to worship. But this weekend we felt it might be ok to return to the church we recently left. What a welcome we received, and how lovely it has been this morning to be part of a congregation which I genuinely feel is my family. I have missed you. I’m still moving away, but it’s been great to be back as just part of the congregation, but more than a visitor. It’s not the same when you don’t know the people.

In worship this morning we sang that wonderful old hymn, “Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine.”  It gave me the chance to reflect before God that my value as a person does not depend on what others think of me, whether I have a defined, named role in some organisation, or on anything I do at all. My value is as a child of God, “born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.” So I can thank God for all that is happening (or, at the moment, not happening) in my life, and rejoice that “The King is coming soon,” as we also sang. As was prophetically declared by one of the worship team, the King is coming not just on the day of the Lord, but today, tomorrow. He came yesterday. He is here. He is worth praising and just His presence is enough.

Of course the people are lovely and their welcome was warm. Thanks to them all, but I have to mention especially 5-year-old Caleb, who ran over just as I was leaving to say hi and give me a huge hug. That, if nothing else, would have made my day.

So it has done my soul good to be at home again. Thank you Braintree Elim, and thank you Jesus.

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  1. Pat Kennett says:

    There is a stunning quality to life when we are able to leave so well that a visit back still feels like coming home. So glad that you have had the opportunity to visit ( us!), and also to just enjoy the worship at Braintree – they are good people, and you can take some of the credit for that ( knowing you, you will try to brush this off, but it is true). “Blessed Assurance” was my Dad’s all-time favourite, and I love the lines:-
    “Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
    Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood”
    - so much doctrine in just 2 lines – wonderful to meditate on.
    Love to you, as always x

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