God is good all the time

It has been a week of some ups and downs, some light and shade, but we can say that God is good all the time, in the dark as well as the light times. I’m reading Job in my own devotions at the moment and was struck again by the way the book portrays God as allowing Satan to bring evil into Job’s life. Sickness and sin are not in God’s plan for our lives, but still God is able to keep us through them, and those hard experiences give us opportunities to affirm our trust in a good God whose plans for us are perfect.

I say that in the context of a week in which we have faced some health issues in our family, and as I write, William is in hospital. His abnormal heart rhythms, for which he has been waiting for a cardiology appointment, played up again at 3am on Saturday and I took him to A&E, where this time they decided to admit him for observation and keep him until Monday morning so he can see a cardiologist then. So today (Sunday) he is actually feeling better (if not quite normal) and hoping to have his cardiology consultation faster than would have been the case. All good.

That came at the end of a really good week. William took a week’s holiday which has really helped us to settle into our new home and area and discover some super local walks. On Friday evening we had a super Italian meal, courtesy of a meal voucher which was part of our leaving present from the Braintree Elim Church.

Harefield beauty

One of the beautiful views we can walk to


Lobster and steak!

Thanks to the Braintree church for this fab food!







And LST has offered me the role of part time Pastoral Support Manager to start in November. I am delighted with this and really feel it is a gift from God. I have been missing pastoral ministry and look forward to being part of a great team at LST. In fact I’m going to join the team as a volunteer until November, so will be starting on Wednesday. In the meantime I’ve preached in our church and accepted another preaching date, and also was offered the chance to write two short articles for an academic dictionary. Suddenly I have no excuse for feeling redundant in ministry! (I don’t think I’m going to do the articles for various reasons, but it was good to be asked).

To top off the week, this evening I have joined the Northwood Choral Society and spent the evening singing Britten and Poulenc Christmas music. More demanding than I was expecting, but great fun and I was made very welcome. I haven’t been in a choir for ages and I loved it.

God is good all the time – and all the time, God is good!

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