Being organised for Christmas

I was so proud of myself a few weeks ago. As a person who normally does things not very far in advance of when they absolutely have to be done, I thought I was very organised when I bought a Christmas present for Iain and Maggie in America, and, wait for it, even got round to sending it! Having ordered it online, I received it in a nice cardboard tube, which was ideal for sending on. So I securely taped a card with their address over my own address, took it to the post office and sent it on its way.

A couple of days later, the tube arrived back on my doorstep, minus the card. And a couple of days after that Maggie messaged to thank me for the lovely card, but a bit puzzled by the ragged parcel tape round it and my comment in it hoping they liked the present.

So the present sat in my hallway for another week or so, until today when I (and I have to admit to being slightly impressed by myself again – I know it’s a normal thing to do, but you really may not realise how much I usually don’t get round to things) took it to the post office again. This time I’ve written the address on the actual cardboard so there’s nothing to get detached. Of such small victories is life comprised.


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