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I was 13 when my dad died suddenly and I had an encounter with God.  It was that dramatic, really, and it began me on a journey which took me through medical school, anaesthetic training and practice, marriage and motherhood, retraining for church ministry, church leadership and now pastoring students in a theology college.  In all of those seasons of life I have experienced God’s grace, which is hard to define really, but you know it when you see it in those unexpectedly joyful moments of transcendence; in the sun shining through the raindrops (take that literally or metaphorically – both are wonderful); and most powerfully in the sense of being utterly accepted, loved and forgiven.

Here are some of my blessings:

  • my wonderful husband of 33 years who still makes me laugh and think
  • two tall, handsome sons and a beautiful daughter-in-law, all of whom follow Jesus
  • a bunch of friends who love me and some people whose lives I’ve seen God change in remarkable ways.

I live in the south of England but remain proudly Scottish.  I love the Bible, believe it is the Word of God and try to see the world through its lens, but sometimes run out of understanding.  Those are some of the times I hear the whisper to keep remembering grace.

I comment here on things big and small which make me think, and try to think those thoughts biblically.  If I get it wrong, am harsh or hasty, I hope you, too, remember grace.

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  1. Corinne says:

    I must say I love the name of your website, thought I’d take to write. My name is Corinne I love the word “Grace”! The last year has been one of sharing about “Grace” to others I have lead at work and encountered along the way. I have since retired from my secular job and in a place of waiting. Though it can be difficult it is also brings joy knowing that the Lord has designed my steps. Remembering “Grace” is a valuable lesson to all. My husband says that when he is driving down the road getting frustrated he can hear me saying “Grace”. As when we first met I shared with him about “Grace”and giving “Grace” to others. That we don’t know what may being going on in their lives. To see the good and then give “Grace”.

    It’s exciting to see “Grace” in action, how it affects others and how others may just pass it on since you gave “Grace” to them.

  2. Corinne says:

    So before finding your website my closing comment to my team before retirement was.

    “Remember Grace” Well every now and again I may receive an email from them and their closing comments that make me smile is “Remembering Grace”.

    “Remembering Grace”


    PS Blessing for Christmas and the coming year~

    • Alison says:

      Corinne – I’ve only just discovered your comment! Thank you so much for posting it, and how lovely to ‘meet’ you. Always good to find a fellow grace-seeker. I named the blog as I knew that if I started to write what I thought about some things I would be tempted to be sarcastic, negative or dismissive of things, and I really want to be positive and encouraging to people and of course to myself. I’m a rather sporadic blogger – self discipline has never been my strongest characteristic, so I need grace even in this enterprise to which I genuinely feel called by God. And all the time I am reminded of how little I deserve God’s mercy, so as I have freely received, let me freely give.

      Anyway, I love your comments – thank you!

      Every blessing to you and your family


  3. Kay Sillitoe says:

    Simplicity and beautiful

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